What can I do?


The US Government gave up on finding out who this man is. Can we do better?

We’re at a unique intersection to help this man by spreading his story. By bringing Benjaman to light, and putting our heads together, we might actually get to the bottom of this. Share the story. You’d share a cat video, right? This is a cat video that could save a man’s life.



Getting Benjaman a new social security number is going to take real collaboration from our leaders in entertainment and politics. The White house recently made an online platform for petitions, called We The People, in which any petition gaining more than 25,000 signatures will get a response from the white house. Want Benjaman’s voice to be heard? Sign the petiton. http://wh.gov/I5Rn Click the link.



We have the tools to solve this problem. We just need to connect the dots.