Benjaman’s Memories


So What exactly do we know?


Unlike The Bourne Identity, Benjaman did not wake up with a complete blank slate of memories. He doesn’t remember any people, but there are a few places, events, and other things he remembers, such as a few famous movie theatres, some childhood memories in the Indianapolis area. For example, he remembers his birthday (he thinks), since it’s the same as Michael Jackson’s.


Quick facts: Benjaman was found in Richmond Hill, Georgia, and has specific memories pertaining to Denver and Indianapolis. We know his birthday is 8/29/48 because Benjaman specifically remembers that he was born ten years before Michael Jackson.


Benjaman’s Memories


Recently penned by Benjaman, here’s a list of things off the top of his head.

#1. I remember riding the outside elevator of the building that housed the “Top of the Rockies” restaurant so that I could see the roof of the Denver Theatre.

#2. I remember buying a gas valve from a supplier of parts for commercial stoves in Denver.

#3. I remember being in the Lobby of the Indiana Theatre in Indianapolis.



#4. I remember the best Mexican restaurant in Denver being “Mama Elena’s.

#5. I remember looking at the outside of the Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis.

#6. I remember the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Downtown Indianapolis.



#7. I remember the war protesters having a candlelight vigil on Xmas eve at Monument Circle in Indianapolis.

#8. I remember the best salad bar in Denver was Azar’s restaurants and them having the worst service.

#9. I remember Elitch Gardens when it was on West 44th.

#10. I remember “Big Mac” Arena looking like a giant flying saucer perched on a bluff just west of downtown Denver.

#11. I remember the old Bronco football field in Denver with the movable bleacher stands that could move so as to convert the field to a baseball stadium.

#12. I remember the Dollar Movies at the Federal, Crest, Oriental and the Gothic Threatres in Denver.

#13. I remember sitting in the library of the University of Colorado in Boulder reading bound copies of Restaurant and institutions magazine.

#14. I remember the construction of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

#15. I remember the “Round the Corner” restaurant on the “Hill” in Boulder.

#16. I remember the “Peak to Peak” highway in Colorado.

#17. I remember the Big Thompson Canyon Flood in 1976.

#19. I remember Gold Hill mining town.

#19. I remember the East Portal of the Moffitt RR tunnel.

#20. I remember the “Oh My God” road behind Central city, colo.

#21. I remember the Central City Opera House.



#21. I remember the July 4th Blood, Sweat and Tears concert with the DSO at Red Rocks in 1976.

#22. I remember Burger Chef and Sani-Serv Headquartered in Indianapolis.


  Let’s get to the bottom of this everyone.