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toy story bedroom set

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Toy story bedroom is one of the greatest idea of bedroom appearance not because the item that you store in your bedroom as decoration but because the legendary movie that you represent with your bedroom decoration idea. Your love for the movie would demand a totality to your decoration appearance. As the common idea of movie based bedroom decoration you can make it based on the movie appearance or you can just decorate it with anything related to the movie.

Character Based Toy Story Bedroom

Choosing a character is necessary if you want a bedroom that looks dedicated but not so hard to achieve. Choosing a character would allow you to focus on one appearance and make the idea become something dominant on your room. Thus if you choose to have slinky as your bedroom idea you would add everything that related to the character into your room.

Toy Story Wall Decoration

You can draw the character on your wall, if you are a wall painter you can use various sheet and curtain design that utilize the idea. Decoration can be found in lots of places. Utilize any resource you may found. Artwork is good idea to decorate your wall. You may want to refrain from using movie poster if you can find all available posters.