Decorative Trunks an Alternative to a Table

Decorative Trunks can be any chest you find lying around your house or hidden inside some room in your house. This trunk will give you additional storage space that you may eventually need. You can use this trunk for various things such as TV stand or several kind of tables. Before you apply the trunk in your room it may be necessary to make some enhancement on your trunk appearance to make it suitable with your room decoration.

Decorative Trunks Appearance Enhancement

Enhance your trunk appearance using any available measure to make your box looks new. Dent or chipped surface can be kept if you use appropriate finis for it. You can also paint it to match your room color and add a decoration on your box. Using the box for coffee table is possible if you can find a box with appropriate size.

Trunks Height as a Table

Appropriate height is important to for good table. Height defines comfort. It is possible to have height problem if you use a box for table. Stacking the box is always a good solution for height. You can use another box to achieve appropriate height as long as you make the appearance match. Applying a table frame or wheel under the box is another good idea that you can utilize.