2014- Updates!

Hey there everyone. Wanted to take a chance to give some updates, even though the Facebook page is a more immediate source. Benjaman is doing well. There are a few efforts going on right now that I’m hopeful about and wanted to share.

There is a group of pro-bono lawyers that are investigating how to get Benjaman a birth certificate in the state of Florida. The birth certificate, as it turns out could be the first step in getting Benjaman a new SSN. Although this would normally be very expensive, they are doing it for free, which makes all the difference.

There’s another print article that’s in the process. I can’t yet say where it will be published, but there haven’t been many after the petition, so I’m excited about this. Stay tuned.

We’re on the front page of Reddit today, which is always fun. Having read the comments, I often come across the criticism that Benjaman did not respond to the people that were offering legitimate help in his previous AMA’s. Truth be told, we did, through PM’ing the users. Sadly, nearly all of the people who claimed they had evidence “He worked at this Waffle house, I can prove it!”, did not follow through, or were not telling the truth. I think they were more interested in upvotes.

Again, stay tuned. This is a slow process but we’re making progress!

Something Old, Something New

TWO Things.

Just uploaded the entire Dr. Phil Episode from 2008. Check it out!

ALSO in the talkshow hemisphere, I’m thrilled to say that Benjaman and I will be guests on the Jeff Probst show next week! Not sure what the air date is, but I’ll let you know as soon as its public! Woohoo


Really excited about this story, first time Benjaman got to re-visit one of the places he remembered.

Benjaman said, while there were no ‘magical sparks’, as soon as he heard the loudspeaker in the airport, he was taken aback. He had never thought of an indianapolis accent, but the local dialect had an undeniable tone of familiarity.


CBS This Morning- Welcome to the West Coast


The Folks at CBS couldn’t have been nicer, this was from a few weeks ago, but was a lot of fun. Posts should be coming in more frequently now, since I’m all done moving. Also, now that I’m on the West Coast, hoping to find some new allies in the area, and new ways to spread Benjaman’s story. Hopefully more to come soon. Stay tuned!


2013- New Year, New Approach

Hello there! I’ve had a busy holiday, so the posts have been sparse, but they’ll be steadier now. Sadly, the petition expired early in the afternoon on Christmas day, and we didn’t meet the signature threshold. Our final count was over 17,000 signatures, so the support was still most certainly felt. While I would have preferred the solution to Benjaman’s plight to have been something as simple as a petition, it seems like our journey is not yet over. Indeed, the search for Benjaman’s identity has never been a quick fix one (as much as I may want it to be).

But! We’ve got some exciting media appearances scheduled (not allowed to name names yet), and there may be some traveling in Ben’s future. We’ve got an exciting year ahead, stay tuned :)

The Plot thickens…



It’s been a crazy few weeks, and we’re a little over halfway through the petitions. A few close calls, a few interesting lea.ds, but nothing has come about just yet. Here are some highlights.


-The AMA got quite a lot of responses, including a few people that thought they saw Benjaman working at a Waffle House near Kennesaw Georgia. We’re still looking into this.


-CNN picked up the story, and there’s been some online attention, which has been helpful as well.


-A very talented Artist by the name of Miguel Endara did a very interesting portrait of Benjaman, and is helping us spread the word / http://miguelendara.com/prints/benjamankyle/


So, nothing groundbreaking, but on we go!



And we’re live!



The film has only been online for exactly two weeks now, with a website that doesn’t look like complete garbage. (Sorry web designers out there if it’s an eyesore). On November 20th, we got some early attention from an article by Christina Ng, from ABC news, that spoke about the site, and gave it some great exposure. (http://abcn.ws/UD5y1h)


Two days later, on Thanksgiving, the film was added as a staff pick on Vimeo, and the Vimeo community has been uh-mazing in spreading the word, with almost 100,000 views so far.


That Sunday, Benjaman did an AMA on Reddit (links above in Menu), and I made the Whitehouse.gov petition active. Doing the AMA gave us a volcanic, immediate response, and within 24 hours the petition got 6,000 signatures.


On another interesting note, two people on reddit believed they had encountered Benjaman working at a Waffle House in Georgia prior to the accident. I’m trying desperately to get into further contact with these people, and no developments have gone any further. But I can’t wait to see where that goes.


I’ll keep you posted as to what else happens, be it with the petition, or with any upcoming clues.


Welcome to Finding Benjaman Kyle



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Be sure to check out the videos on each page, and visit our YouTube Channel:


The US Government gave up on finding out who this man is. Can the internet do better? If this petition to get Benjaman a new Social Security Number gets 25,000 signatures, the White House is required to respond. http://wh.gov/I5Rn